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$15 a month helps provide support and moderation to the free Hand in Hand Parents Connect online support group.


$30 a month provides a Head Start teacher or social worker a scholarship for a Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting Tools.


$50 a month translates a module of a parent education class and brings new knowledge and support to a community who did not have access before.

EVERY MONTH you'll bring support and insights to one more parent, one more family, one more community and help them strengthen their connection to each other so they can build resilience and thrive.

Karen H.

Boston, MA

"I recently heard about the idea of “holding space” for someone and it occurred to me that that’s exactly what Hand in Hand Parenting is all about. Holding space for your child and trusting in their inherent good nature. You would never guess we had such a challenging start to our relationship. I can see my son blossoming and I beam with pride and I’m so grateful to have had access to Hand in Hand when I did.

Thank you!


Memphis, TN

When my son was newborn he was a nightmare. We couldn’t lie him flat for the first 6 months of his life. I couldn’t leave him for a microsecond. As a new mum I was utterly overwhelmed by him and his needs. I couldn’t meet them and meet my own basic needs.

"After 4 months I discovered Hand in Hand Parenting. I won’t say it was easy, but it got easier with practice.!

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